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Verricom Systems
Verricom Systems

About Verricom Systems

Verricom Systems Ltd is located in the heart of the Thames Valley in Windsor, Berkshire offering support to small businesses, self-employed people and home users with above average complexity in and around an area spanning roughly 15 miles radius from our offices. Established in late 2002 following the increasing number of quality IT staff finding themselves unemployed at the time, the aim was to bring the experience gained by our staff in larger enterprises to small businesses which would benefit from the knowledge and technology that is often either overlooked or unknown to the staff within these smaller companies. We are proud in the knowledge that every one of our consultants is or has been a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE).

Many firms also fall behind in the IT world simply because they stick to what they know, and in some cases this was often not even the current technology at the time it is installed. We try and make sure that our clients gain from our tinkering and experimenting with new technology so that we are aware of the pitfalls as well as the benefits of the products we test both in a sandbox environment and also on our live office network. Only then can we be sure we are happy to recommend and support a product in your office environment because we will have proved it is able to fulfil a need and be adequately supported by the suppliers in case of technical difficulty or an unusual implementation.

From a recent survey done by a leading IT computer consultancy, the number of small businesses which depend upon computers to survive is continuing to grow as they are and will forever be a critical part of any company be it big or small. The most disturbing aspect of the report is that a notable proportion of the surveyed companies are inadequately supported by people with the relevant skills, and that many of those who are well supported tend to be paying above average for the support they actually receive from their IT support resources. Two were unaware they were on retainer contracts to their previous support firms and as a result were still paying for something they wouldn’t ever be calling up.

Verricom Systems offer a solution to this problem, offering valuable IT solutions to small businesses including support and consultancy at low cost with no monthly retainer charges. With over 20 years experience in providing computer solutions and support, we have seen and used literally hundreds of different products - we can use this experience to recommend a 'best of breed' solution for your business.

Whatever your requirements - a new server or email system, antivirus, internet access including a firewall or a home working solution, managed wireless networking or - Verricom Systems can provide one of a selection of the best solutions for your business depending on your varying factors such as current server, workstation and network setup, or company size and budget.

Verricom Systems Limited,
31 Chestnut Drive,
St.Leonards Hill,
Berks SL4 4UT

t: 07767 788225
f: 01753 620624

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