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Case Studies

Full Systems Upgrade for an Accountancy Practice – June 2014

The client had been running a network of almost two dozen Windows XP machines of varying make and model on a pair old Windows 2000 servers for many years to the point that every single machine was finally running unsupported operating system software. The time taken to do many tasks was clearly slowing all the users down and the backup system in place was both antiquated and inadequate in many ways.

A new Windows 2012 server from Dell was specified, built and installed to replaced the two ageing servers, the result being massive increases in speed of response, reliability and confidence in the backup in case of recovery need. Because new hardware is also more energy efficient the running costs of the server were some £320 less per year along with the fact it did not create a hurricane force wind and make noise like a small aircraft in the room. This was done with a migration plan that kept downtime to a minimum with less than 2 hours of the systems in use being unavailable.

The following 3 days were then to undertake replacement of workstations using the same Dell desktop model with a common software build, customising the build as required for three senior members with a couple of specialist user applications. Each machine was migrated one by one to the satisfaction of each user. Upon completion of the full upgrade, tasks such as running a Sage report almost 6 times faster, user email experience was no longer painfully slow and general office productivity increased to the point the staff commented on the fact they were leaving the office on time and not an hour late as was common in the days prior to the complete upgrade project.
This project was completed at below 70% of the nearest competitive quote with no significant problems and only one short post-migration visit to correct some discrepancies network settings that were incorrectly provided by suppliers of the accountancy packages in use.

Migration to new server for a manufacturing business - January 2013

The client required an update to their server from Small Business Server 2003 to Small Business Server 2011 because their client database software would no longer run on the older server platform due to upgrades from the software company.

A new Dell Poweredge server was installed alongside the old one using the migration tools provided by Microsoft and with no detected downtime the data was switched from the old to new without issue. So smooth was the operation that staff sitting by the old server were surprised when it simply shut down yet everyone was still working without issue.

The project came in on time, on budget and without problems.

Office move for an intelligence consultancy – December 2013

The client required moving their IT systems and networking from once managed office to a new premises in London. All systems were audited and configured to ensure that a full backup was in place prior to moving, internet records were prepared and modified to ensure continued operation of smartphones and remote teleworker, servers and network equipment were transported to the new location and brought back on-line over the Christmas period. Apart from some settings that could not be changed at the time the entire migration process was successful and the staff for this business simply turned up at the new location and began working as if nothing had changed in the IT structure of the firm.

The client later expressed their surprise the such a move was done with so little impact on the business because his previous experience of this sort of thing from another IT specialist was very poor in that business operations so badly impacted that he was unable to work for almost a week.

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