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If you have been directed to this page it is likely that we are operating in a limited resource mode whilst staff members are taking annual leave.

To ensure you are covered for IT support during this period please follow the below procedure.

Rate your situation as either LOW, MEDIUM or CRITICAL priority support or for a GOODS order - please be sensible in rating issues.

For example, a server down is critical, remote access issues are medium and needing a spare printer cartridge is low.

  • For a LOW priority issue that can await our return to normal service
  • Document the issue(s) and send them to me via email
  • Replies might be made if a simple answer is available and easy for you to implement as long as it can be explained in a short message

  • For MEDIUM importance issues that require response within 72 hours
  • Document the issue(s) and send them via email to
  • Send a text message to 07767 788225
  • The issue will be assessed and within 24 hours we will attempt to remotely undertake some form of resolution if it can be achieved.
  • Please therefore leave affected machines on, with power management disabled and connected to the internet in these cases.
  • If things cannot be resolved this way a reply by email will be sent at which point, you may then escalate this to critical level if you wish, or await our return at which point we will arrange sort things out as promptly as I can arrange to do so.

  • For CRITICAL issues only
  • Document the issue(s) and send them via email to
  • Send a text message and then contact Jonathan Kent at CPlus on 0118 98 99 100.
  • Jonathan or one of his technical team will assess the situation over the phone and then either arrange remote port or onsite assistance as quickly as is possible depending on their availability on a ‘best endeavours’ basis.
  • If you do escalate anything to critical level, we will be avalable to liaise with Jonathan at CPlus as soon as we are aware and able to provide any additional information that he and his team may require.

  • For GOODS orders
  • Clearly indicate what you require and we will raise a quote for the items in question, sent back as promptly as possible
  • If the quote is accepted we will arrange the order and ship it direct to your business premises

Please note that critical issues dealt with by Jonathan and his colleagues from CPlus will be a charged at £85 per hour ex VAT, minimum 2 hours.


Please rest assured of our intention to provide you with the best cover in our absence, upon resuming normal support service we will begin working through all notified outstanding issues as quickly as possible.

Please apply common sense to unidentified emails and links to websites

  • If you do not know the sender please check carefully before opening any attachments that the email is from a known and trusted source.
  • Do not open attachments or visit websites from emails starting “Dear customer” or “For the attention of accounts payable” or similar generic openings.
  • For items you are not sure about if you must see what they are, save them to disk and submit them via to see if they are dangerous or not.

Some quick fixes you can try if the situation is applicable :

  • In many common cases where things have frozen or are malfunctioning , a standard “Microsoft fix” often resolves issues by just powering your machine off and on.
  • For any internet connection issues, please firstly try powering off the router at your end for at least 15 minutes (and any routers at the other end of a site-to-site connection also if this is applicable) and then try again 10 minutes later.
  • For remote connection issues, please call your office and ask them to power off the router(s) for 1 minute and then try again 10 minutes later after they have regained internet access and you have rebooted your machine.

Verricom Systems Limited,
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St.Leonards Hill,
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t: 07767 788225
f: 01753 620624

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