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Verricom Systems

Services from Verricom Systems

Verricom Systems operates a number of strategic partnerships with other local similar sized companies, allowing us to pool skills and resources where required. As a result, we are able to offer the following list of services to our client base.


This is the most commonly occurring 'disaster waiting to happen' which threatens a huge proportion of small to medium sized companies. Verricom Systems will minimise exposure to loss of data by specifying, installing, configuring and (if necessary) managing your backup systems to ensure that if the unthinkable happens, you are not caught out and systems can be brought back up to normal operation as quickly as possible.


Verricom Systems are used to recovering lost data in unexpected and user accident circumstances. Been infected by a virus that's destroyed files or disks ? Deleted or overwritten critical data files ? Victim of a recently departed employee or an internet hacker ? Dropped a laptop or portable hard disk? Don’t panic, but as quickly as possible just shutdown and switch off the affected machines, call us and we will attempt to recover your data as quickly as possible!


Verricom Systems can provide an audit of your business IT systems by examining your servers, workstations, network infrastructure and software in use. A report will then be produced highlighting strengths and weaknesses of your current IT system. Recommendations are presented as a project plan, looking at future proofing in terms of hardware, software and support with details of equipment including all costs.


Verricom Systems can advise on and manage the growth of your network to ensure that it is capable of providing the services you require 24x7 with provision for expansion potential to avoid costly buying of new solutions each time something new and foreseeable comes along. We offer server setup and configuration, centralised e-mail systems, internet access, remote or VPN access for home working, complex wireless network design configuration and much more.


Verricom Systems offers telephone and remote access support for most situations, backed up by on-site response for more significant problems and hardware maintenance. For large projects or daily cover for existing IT staff who are on holiday or off sick, we can arrange full on-site support, or if you prefer we can arrange facility management visits on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.


We obtain some very good supplier discounts, prices are always kept competitive (usually by adding no more than a handling charge above cost price to us). We have experience in installing many different type of hardware and software to your requirements and will always know or locate the 'best of breed' product for your specific business need.


Verricom Systems maintains several small company DNS records and can take over your records for maintenance and updating as required. We can also arrange website design and hosting, email hosting with reliable and experienced trustworthy local firms offering these services.


Many companies find themselves repeatedly entering data into different software packages (e.g. customer databases, manufacturing systems etc) and needing to employ temporary workers to do this. The use of a Verricom Systems bespoke solution can automate routine daily or weekly tasks, dramatically reducing the amount of repetition while at the same time ensuring that these tasks are carried out consistently and at the correct time, freeing up your employees' time to concentrate on more profitable work.

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